About AZTHunt 

AZTHunt is a group of amateur radio, electronics, and programming enthusiasts in Chandler, AZ (Phoenix Metropolitan Area) who regularly get together for T-Hunts and other fun activities. Building and testing our DIY equipment while honing our skills in Radio Direction Finding (RDF) techniques is a great opportunity to get outdoors and explore many of our regional parks and other public areas. T-Hunting is part science, part art, and always fun!

Our group is available to sponsor T-Hunting events anywhere in the Phoenix region and we are always willing to partner with other clubs and organizations with similar interests. T-Hunts are not only great for building technical skills, but also are great team building events for all ages and require no previous technical knowledge.  Our T-Hunts are casual yet challenging and offer  an opportunity for networking with great friends. 

AZTHunt welcomes all radio, electronics, and DIY Maker enthusiasts, as well as those who just want to enjoy a great new activity to join us on our T-Hunts and other activities in the Phoenix area! We also host an ongoing discussion forum on Google Groups at the AZTHunt Group and welcome anyone to drop in. 

Please feel free to email us for more information at the email address below!